Excepts from THE SPACE TO MOVE


This is a book for actors, directors, students and teachers. It is for anyone interested in looking at what it  means to have the space to move and how that space to move directly affects the way an individual actor or group performs, be it on the stage or in the studio or in the classroom, or anywhere else. This is not a textbook or a list of exercises, nor is it an academic exposition of movement techniques. It is a look at the process of movement training as it happens on the floor and how that process is a process of play.


We tend to understand words such as ‘listening’, ‘awareness’, and ‘noticing’ as words to do with the head, eyes, ears and brain. They stop at the neck.  It is my hope in this little book to bring back some of the lost flesh to these words: to show how on the studio floor, in the classroom, in the working space, it is the body that does the listening and the noticing, the body that has the awareness, the body, even, that does the thinking, has the inspiration and has the judgement. Above all it is the body that has the imagination, an enormous imagination, that will out given the right space to move.